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    Corporate identity (LOGO) : The circle for a sun, shows that the company is vigorous upward and the business is thriving and booming.The design of jumping shape for fish and crawfish, shows that the leading product in our company is fish and crawfish, and our company in the developing and growing stage.Chinese name is Lei Qier, its translation is Nature, and Nature is the name of the company's English translation.

    Company tenet : people-oriented , Innovation , Quality first , Customer foremost


    The employees are the company's most valuable resource, we encourage and attache great importance to the all-round growth of the employees, and the company is committed to each employee to create a harmonious working atmosphere.The company is fair to treat every person, so as to win the trust of employees of the company, which make employees loyal to the company's interests.


    Innovation is the soul of enterprise development.New things to replace old things is the law of social development, no innovation of employees will be mediocre , and no innovation of enterprise will be eliminated.We need to open mind to innovation and to develop,and can be in an impregnable position.Innovation is the only way to survival and development of enterprises.

    Quality first

    Quality is the life of the company, and the quality is the foundation of the company's survival and development.According to the needs of different clients to provide high quality products and services, we constantly seek to improve and enhance product service in order to meet customers' changing needs.

    Customer foremost

    Customers is the fountain of life and the fundamental of the enterprise survival and development .We have to do all the good service to every customer and exceed customer satisfaction as the goal, customer demand is driving us forward.At the same time, we attach importance to development a win-win relationship with customers, which is the key to our success.

    Business philosophy: integrity,pragmatic,innovative,


    Enterprise spirit: honesty in mind, belief in action

    Enterprising atmosphere : happy work, happy life

    Enterprising responsibility: solidarity and cooperation, mutual benefit

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